Where has your gear been

As you soon may find out, Windmill gear travels around. A lot.. In this section we will display pictures of Windmill gear throughout the world. So if you have a interesting photo of discs, shirts and hoodies with the big elephant on it, be sure to send it to us. And always take your WW gear with you on your travels!

2012 CONTEST : Where has your gear been?

During the past few years, Windmill gear and discs have been spotted all around the world. You can find a small selection of some interesting pictures below. NOW, you can get involved and win a sweet prize! Send us your pictures of you and WW gear (disc, hat, hoody, wristband, bag, trophy, whatever!) in a cool, unique, exotic, or creative setting, and if our judges vote for your picture as their favorite, you will win an exclusive merchandise package worth 150 Euros! The top entries will be included in the large format poster in the windmill tent and there will be 5 small runner up prizes awarded as well! So bring your windmill gear with you when you pack your bags, and we look forward to sharing your adventures!

Rules: Limit 5 pictures per person. Please send pictures with a reasonable amount of pixels (iphone cameras are fine, old school nokias not so much). Entries must be received by 30 April, 2012. Judges are looking for exotic places, comic value, expression, and creativity. We reserve the right to post any picture sent to us on this website and on our facebook page.

Album Where Has Your WW Gear Been

Album Where Has Your WW Gear Been

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