On the 15th of June 2012, Windmill Windup takes off once again, a unique 3-day Ultimate Frisbee tournament made possible by cool, cheerful, good looking and hardworking people like you. So you probably understand, this years' edition wouldn't be the same without you. Which is exactly why we would like to ask you (again) to help make this another unforgettable tournament for all people involved, including yourself.

There's three options to do so:

  1. Pre-Tourney, to help prepare WW on the two or three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) before it all starts.
  2. Tourney: you can help out behind the bar, in the kitchen, be part of the water team etc. This crew puts a smile on the faces of visiting teams each year, and has a great time together.
  3. Staff: You are also very welcome to participate in organizing prior to the event. It can be anything like food, parties, rentals etc... These require some effort in the final weeks before the tournament. To which extent is all up to you!
So find your way to the form below and click your way to the finest Ultimate event ever!

I want to be a volunteer at Windmill Windup 2012!

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Help us organise and prepare the upcoming tournament!
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Sure, you will not regret it ... Never a dull moment.