Windmill's Green Streak

The Windmill Windup has always been aware of the impact a big event can have on the environment. Prior editions of the Windmill Windup have therefore had many green aspects, such as recycling or donation of left-over food.
Since a few years, the tournament is taking it one step further. The Windmill Windup will expand on existing eco-friendly efforts and build up a lasting structure to ensure our event will continue to improve its eco-friendly record for the years to come.

Responsible together

Being sustainable is a mentality; it's about "doing the right thing, even when nobody's watching." Choosing the more sustainable way of cooking, buying the right cleaning products, n ot using generators, or recycling anything possible - it's whatever makes Windmill more sustainable for the future. Many of the green choices we made this year will not be visible to our players or visitors, but will make a difference in making the tournament more sustainable for the future.

Some of the additional steps we have taken over the years: separate all trash in multiple categories, using recycled material for most our products and gifts, serving only eco-fruit and vegetables and a no-disposable-plates-and-cups strategy.

Windmill's partners and sponsors

Making a change is not only the things you can do yourself but also making a well-thought choice in partners. We screen all of our suppliers on Corporate Social Responsibility and the main partners the Windmill Windup have a great track record on CSR:

Lookfly has taken the philosophy of keeping it local and for good reason. As concerns about the carbon footprint of business execution rise, we take pride in knowing that our custom team uniforms have always been Carbon Smart.
From the wind that powers our HQ, the recycled paper in our near paperless office, our Eco friendly courier, to our locally woven fabric and our manufacturing facility only 20 miles from Lookfly HQ, you can be confident that we've done everything possible to reduce the amount of damage to our environment while making your gear.

Their ethics

Wherever possible we try to follow the following guidelines:
  • No child labour
  • No prison labour
  • No sweatshop labour
  • Payment above minimum wage
  • A safe working environment
  • Fair payment of suppliers
  • Only legal transactions
  • Environmentally friendly production
...unfortunately, being a small intimate fish in the big clothing industry ocean, sometimes we just don't know. We always try our best to do the right thing and as the company grows we'll only get better at keeping all our gear carbon smart and ethically made.
You can read all about on their site.

The Windmill Windup is very happy to announce that Bavaria is the first brewery worldwide to implement the ISO 26000 standard which is considered as the benchmark for sustainable practices worldwide.
Bavaria is resolute in its commitment to environmentally sustainable brewing. Bavaria ranks in the top 3% of the world's most energy sufficient breweries. Read more on Bavaria's approach to Corporate Socail Responsability here. Sustainable Communication
GreenGraffiti® uses natural media to communicate a message. Our core product is an age old form of street art known as reverse graffiti. Using only a template, water and a power washer, we literally clean a communication message out of the dirt. No ink, no paper, no electricity and very little waste.
We compensate 150% of our carbon footprint and have set up, a water foundation that allows us to contribute to water projects around the world. So far we have provided clean drinking water for more then 400 people for 15 years.
We also give back to the local community by donating our services or offering cost pricing to not for profit organizations. We are far from perfect but we strive each day to improve our operations and lessen our impact on Mother Nature making the world a little better place along the way. After all, the more we succeed the more good we can do.

For more information, please feel free to contact us

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