Volunteer for the weekend!

...or any part of it! Working with the windmill team is fun, rewarding, and allows you to get a great look at high quality ultimate first hand. We guarantee nice weather, so let our volunteer coordinator know that you want to be involved, and he will take it from there!

Our Crew

In addition to all of the people below, who work on the tournament in their free time, we have an army of volunteers of more than 100 people every year - a huge thank you to everyone that has ever helped the windmill windup grow to its current status.

Tim "side profile" Scholten
Joke "Sunny" Martens
Frans "My hat is too tight" Passchier
Fred "Never Been Touched" Spanjaard
Tom "Messy Eater" Waijers
Michael "Chinstrap" Cummings
Rebecca "All Weather" Humphries
Marleen "Be my friend" Vervoort
Willem "Eat It" McChef
Eric "I wish" Teuton
Christian "birds like me" Schaffner
Willemijn "Smile" Schaap
Hilco "Saint Discus" Beukema
Koop "whahaha" Reynders
Seton "see me smile" Beggs
Adriaan "bitemark" van der Lely
Bronwyn "the scream" McConnel
Carly "ride the pony" Blair
Bicycle-Mark "I'm a member" Rendeiro
Emil "everyday's queensday" Waijers
Nan "do I have to" Derosa
Vince "the Jaws" Linssen
Marc "Lock up your daughters" Smeehuijzen
Yves 'big man also cry" Groen
Nora "mojitoooooo" Hulsink
Luzia 'kroketje" Helfer
Tess "me love you long time" Scholten
Erwan "J to the Oone" Jounault
Mark "Snowy Schmomy" Dopheide
Jelte "uni-tower" van Koperen
Steffi "grussgotti" Weber
Annemarie "on parole" Coevert
Les "tach-mac daddy" Oberon
Michiel "18 greens" Dik
Patricia "la grande petite" Verhoelst
Gijs "wie-niet-weg-is-is-gezien" Terkuile
Joep "hiep hoi" Hovenaars
Mara Kuipers

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Hall of Fame


Tim "Nuts" Kinter
Femke "Party hearty" Schaap
Iris "Talk To The Hand" Cedee
Trevor "Only a mother could love a face like that" Kalowinsky
Koen "I'm your man" Alexander
Lennart "boot sandwich?" Post
Gitta "50G(uilder)" Zaeschke
Andy "Mosh Girl" Smith
Liz "the Clock" Blink
Bogdan "Bogelicious" Koetsier
Job "Hungarian Giant" Spierre
Thijs "Pizza boy" Keukenmeester
Lisa "Fluffy mo" Kouwenberg
Jesse "Rainbow" Bloemendaal
Carine "Tatts" Middeldorp
Rogier Postma

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Former Crew:


Maaike "mysterious ways" Weesjes
Ellen "Paparazzi" den Braber
Beata "Hands off" Sznajder
Andrew "I sing with a script" Vincent
Reggi "I'll get her later" Hensen
Tom "My baby looks just like me" Shaw
Niels "Dreaming of arse" Robanus Maandag